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Top Tips on How to Maximise Savings with Supermarket Yellow Tickets

Top Tips on How to Maximise Savings with Supermarket Yellow Tickets

I make no secret of the fact that i don’t get out much & maybe that’s why simple things like paying 70% less for fruit & veg excite me.

The ultimate ‘yellow ticket’ day is Christmas eve because all of the fancy pants Christmas food is reduced so you can feed your family Waitrose cheese boards at Aldi’s prices. What’s not to love?! I don’t recommend leaving it till Christmas eve to buy your brussels sprouts but ‘luxury’ items it’s worth the risk (they may be sold out).

Anytime a supermarket is going to be closed for a public holiday you will find great reductions late the evening before & these will include items that are due to be reduced over the holiday.

The main areas to check/stalk the person with the yellow ticket gun are the refrigerators (ready meals, sandwiches & called desserts), bakery, meat fish & cheese counter and the damaged goods section. Always check the seasonal isle after Christmas/Valentines/Easter etc.

Another favourite of mine is reduced flowers. I find Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s best for these.

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