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How to get Free National Lottery Tickets for Making Yahoo Web Searches with Searchlotto

How to get Free National Lottery Tickets for Making Yahoo Web Searches with Searchlotto

Browsing the free cashback/no purchase necessary section of Quidco last weekend I came across ‘SEARCH LOTTO’ who are offering 50p (not life-changing but it all adds up!) cashback to sign up with them. In the description it describes itself as "Play the National Lottery and EuroMillions for free each week with this clever new search engine."

Working just like your normal search engine and partnered with Yahoo, search Lotto rewards users with one free entry for every 25 Internet searches they make.

Completely free to join and easy to use, this is a new way to play the Lottery each week just by doing what you do every day...searching the Internet!

The site is very user friendly. I’ve added the toolbar extension to chrome & so far just from googling really important work stuff films with Tom Hardy I’ve had four entries into the national lottery (maximum of four per week). You can find your entries on the website and the system automatically checks your numbers for a winner.

Membership is free and according to the website it always will be! It is worth noting that this is the genuine UK lottery, the one that is shown on telly if that’s your thing (no judgment here - since having a child it’s probably on too late for me to stay up).

You don’t choose your numbers you’re put in syndicate of 20 randomly selected users (or 25 if it is a EuroMillions entry) & can choose either Sat lotto or euro millions for your tickets.

In case you’re wondering about my 50p.. I haven’t received it as yet but the cashback tracked through Quidco overnight and they expect to pay me my 50p by the 5th April. If you’re interested in trying search lotto you can use Quidco here and search for lotto. If you’re not using Quidco you can find SEARCHLOTTO here. Let me know how you get on!

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